The Portuguese Food & Beverage industry is committed to a strong digital transition and full compliance with social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Technology will continue to accelerate at a feverish pace in the F&B industry and will impact every sector and process.

Portuguese companies have invested in innovation as a keyway to sustainable production and reshaping production and distribution models.

Tradition is combined with the knowledge that allows the best quality to be consistently achieved and recognized by the end consumer as a made in Portugal product. 

Portuguese Food & Beverage companies keep optimizing their supply chain processes to make them agile, resilient, and visible in real-time.

Portugal’s vision and strategic mission for this sector are to consistently deliver the highest quality, uniqueness, and fantastic flavor.

The investment in innovation by Portuguese companies enables them to reduce time to market, eliminate costly inefficiencies, optimize operations, and drive sales and profitability. 

Portugal is the 3rd largest olive oil exporter globally and the 3rd largest exporter in Europe, with exports to over 107 international markets.

Portuguese olive oil has a unique advantage compared to its main competitors in the Mediterranean region and the entire northern hemisphere: It is the 1st to reach the market due to the unique climatic characteristics that make the olives ripen faster.

The substantial investment made in recent years has led to the revitalization and modernization of this deeply traditional sector of Portuguese agriculture. In addition, the technological production modernization, processing, and transformation systems reshaped the olive oil production methods in Portugal. 

Portugal is the 24th largest global exporter of fresh vegetables and the 8th largest exporter in Europe, with exports to over 81 international markets.

Portugal has been making an unprecedented investment in technological innovation and sustainability to boost this strategic sector. 

Portuguese agricultural products grew by 6%, the production area increased 7%, and the greenhouse built area was almost 11%.

Portugal is now a world reference for quality and sustainability, with over 75% of its production destined for major international markets.

Portugal is the 30th largest exporter globally and the 9th largest European exporter of fruit, exporting to over 93 international markets.

50% of the Portuguese fruit production is exported, mainly to European countries. Innovation, modernization, sustainability and quality are the strategic investment focuses of the Portuguese Food & Beverage industry today. 

The Portuguese Food & Beverage brands are reshaping the industry’s future today.

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for food and beverage. Consumers want more than just food and drink for sustenance; their demands are now more healthy, ethically, and environmentally driven.

Also, the rise in popularity of plant-based, allergen/intolerance-friendly, organic, and locally sourced or fair-trade food and beverages that use less or sustainable packaging are areas in which Portuguese companies are recognized worldwide for their capacity for innovation. 

Portuguese Food & Beverage companies are developing and marketing novel processing techniques, products, and packaging solutions to appeal to consumer demand.

Consumer pressure continues to grow for the food industry to eliminate its reliance on single-use plastics, thus reducing waste.

New food products and innovative eco-friendly packaging solutions, and new product categories, such as plant-based food are strategical areas for Portugal. 


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