Portugal is the world’s 9th most awarded wine producer reaching over 150 international market.

Quality, exclusivity, and innovation combined with unique Portuguese vineyards are leading international recognition factors. The result: a rich kaleidoscope of unique flavours, textures and aromas.

QUALITY naturally

Portugal exports more than 40% of its production, being the 9th most awarded wine producer region in the world.

From the cool northern coast to the warmer southern interior, Portugal offers wines with distinct personalities, as diverse as the landscapes they hail from – Red, White, Rosé and Verde.

Portugal is a country with a strong winemaking tradition and the excellent quality of its wines is recognized all over the world, with numerous awards and distinctions in international competitions.

With more than 250 varieties of ancestral grapes and vines and over 193,000 hectares, Portugal represents 2.7% of the world’s vineyard area, ranked as one of the largest exporters in 2020.

With viticulture sites dating back to the Bronze Age and over 300 native grape varieties planted across some thirty wine regions, Portugal produces an incredible array of wines.

Portugal is also recognized for its wide variety of wines from White, Red, Rosé, Green, Sparkling wine to fine and rich liquors such as Port Wine and Madeira Wine. 

TRADITION naturally


In the latter years, the Portuguese Wine producers achieved several organic product certification, stating a strong commitment to integrate environmentally friendly practices in production, where innovation meets sustainability.

The demand for new wine solutions goes beyond the sheer quality of the product, strengthening the bet in product innovation in multiple dimensions.

Consumer trends highlight the new focus on product diversification like Organic wine, Rosé, or Sparkling, and innovative labeling and packaging.

Find out how Portuguese brands are defining the future of the wine industry.