Internationally renowned in the footwear market for its stunning quality and unique designs, Portugal is the 14th largest exporter globally, exporting to over 172 destinations.

Close partnership with designers links industry and brands to the latest trends, focusing on sustainability, flexibility, responsiveness, and reliability.

The collaboration with top haute couture, sports, and casual designers never stops to amaze and reflect market trends in every season and new collection.

The Portuguese footwear industry exports 95% of its production to over 172 countries across the five continents.

The know-how, quality, customization, and tradition are the main assets of our industry, making our industry stand out from competitors.

The sector is self-sufficient as it can source all the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of footwear of excellence in Portugal.

Eco-design is a winning strategy for the Portuguese footwear industry. It brings economic benefits by optimizing materials and energy, results in more customer loyalty, and facilitates products compliance with increasingly stringent environmental global legal requirements.

Consumers are growing ever more concerned about the environmental impact of the products they purchase, and the market size of sustainable footwear products consequently keeps expanding. The fight against climate change and sustainable practices is rapidly becoming a priority for society and all stakeholders, including the Portuguese footwear industry. The Portuguese brands have initiated a major shift toward energy-efficient, decarbonized, and more circular economies, reshaping the future of the footwear industry. 

Portuguese brands know that sustainable footwear can only be achieved if both the manufacturers and consumers work together.

There are many aspects to sustainability, including energy usage, water consumption, recycling, and social responsibility. Incorporating sustainability at the product design stage is the most critical element in the process.

Reducing or completely engineering components out of the product can lead to both material and cost savings.

The design can also ensure that the individual components can be more easily separated at the ‘end of life’ stage when the consumer no longer uses the product.

The selection of natural or bio-based products, renewable resources, or recycled products is a priority for the Portuguese footwear sector.

Portuguese footwear’s main focuses are to streamline the development, manufacturing, and distribution processes.

The new production solutions lean towards a sustainable and environmentally approach and recycled materials.

The collaboration with top haute couture, sports, and casual for new collections never stops every season. 

Thanks to close partnerships with leading designers, the Portuguese industry and brands are always up-to-date with the latest trends, with a special focus on sustainability, flexibility, responsiveness, and reliability. 



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